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Detailed Scale Architectural Model Kits of Chrysler Building

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Introducing the detailed scale architectural model kits of world famous CHRYSLER BUILDING.

This 45cm high acrylic model kits is provided with step-by-step building instruction.
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Dimension 45cm x 14cm x 14cm.

Commissioned by Walter P. Chrysler, the CHRYSLER BUILDING is designed by William Van Alen and is adorned with such recognizable elements as hub caps, radiator caps & eagle-headed gargoyles, with the most recognizable being the distinctive metallic crown atop the building.

Completed in 1930, this art-deco building was once the tallest building in the world, rising 77 stories at 1,046 ft high. Despite having been surpassed only a year after by the Empire State Building, it is still the tallest brick building with steel structure.

With distinctive design features and storied pasts, the CHRYSLER BUILDING has long been one of the most instantly recognizable landmark of New York City.

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