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Innovative Glass Stopper

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TREE-IN-ONE, made of 100% natural rubber, values the resources available in Thailand and aims to offer products in an environmentally-friendly way under simply innovative design. The design concept then encourages consumers to reuse glass bottles in form of drinking storage with innovative functions. It allows users to contain a variety of beverages with "a vacuum stopper", and fill any homemade juices easily as "a smart funnel" with the shape and form as "a perfect pourer".


Tree-In-One also comes with fully-recyclable packaging in which it receives a second life through reusing, which in turn forms the paper coasters. Additionally the packaging is made from the unbleached kraft paper without glue. The pattern is designed to save paper in a printing process and uses every inch of white space possible. To reduce the amount of material needed and the space required to safely ship multiple products, it is designed with a modular system. Each product is placed in a triangular package that fits with others.

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