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Client: The Village Coconut Phuket, October 2017

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An Asian-fusion restaurant, one of three dining outlets at The Village Coconut Island, known for a permanent shelter of a boat wreck survivor believed to be a pioneer of Coconut Island in a reinvented story inspired by original lost tale. Modest and secretive from outside, the restaurant is flavorful indoors with fire-flame-shade installation and decoration from a variety of preserved local grain, spice, and herb glass jars.

Relevant to a brand story telling an adventure of a fisherman who incidentally discovered Coconut Island, the renovation was influenced by rational interpretation of the man’s decision to secure this ‘cave’ his new home after being ashore on the deserted island. Discovering a fresh water pond in this cave, he decided to start his islander footprint at this sanctuary. Glass jar displays exhibit local harvests, exotic dried roots and flowers, ingredients from preservation intellect as well as a fiery folk brew ‘Yadong’, an only means of affordable entertainment for a lost solitary.

Cubicle hanging panels demonstrate folkish ‘dowel’ wood installing joinery. They also blaze up this dusky dwelling with selection of dancing fire flame paints.

Seamless glossy black slate floors and walls are lit up at night from glittering LED starry ceiling representing reflective stalactite water drops.

Though away from salable beach front outlets, Koko Restaurant becomes appealing to adventurous fantasy-seeking visitors of this hideaway island.

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