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It began with looking for a small ceramic pot that was suitable for Cactus & Succulents, and finding that there weren’t any. Of course, there were pots available, but they were in peculiar shapes, and they mostly came in angled forms, because it’s easier that way, when it’s handmade, or any other eccentric shape. Some were painted. Some, the finishing of the surface were not up to retailing standard. Which, all in all, from observation, there were not any retailers that had the capacity for industrial mass production, and when there was such, the price range was not suitable for a pot, but that of a collector's item.

There wasn’t anything plain and simple, something Minimalistic. My idea is, pots should be like a canvas, not flashy, so the plant itself is the centerfold.

Try picturing Japanese ceramics, that’s what I am trying to convey. So, I started making some myself. Then, I sent them to people who specialized in specific plants to try them, comment about their shape, the quality of the material in holding in the water. And thus, came upon the opportunity to start selling the first batch and saw the market potential.

Currently, mass- industrial production has been initiated for wholesale capacity, eliminating costs for retailing display. The overall goal is to have cement cast pots that are simplistic, pronouncing the quality of the material in its form and feel the touch, and have suitable space for planting. Designed with these thoughts in mind, POD. should be sufficient as an option in the current market.

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