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The Cog Watch Standard Identity

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This was additional work that grew from a job designing a shop for a watch retailer that specializes in hi-end brands, mainly products by Rolex, Panerai, Patek Philipe, AP. Their main merchandises were more than watches, they were collectibles for the groups in the upper echelons. As for the Branding, there were some structural modifications of the name and endorsement of the logo design, as well as developing the main color code. The overall image was to meet up with the price range, but not in a way that is too conservative, to suit the clientele, and be presented accordingly with market positioning.

The design concept began with applying the shape of the cogs and the watch face as the key elements of communication. And the use of initials that could be widely seen in watches that are Hi-brands, it is easy to remember and is similar to a signature which is considerably meaningful to the establishment's image.

The essence of the brand must be presented as well, in order to provide a memorable impression of the brand, differentiating it from other peer retailers.

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