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Set of Product Development for Department of International Trade Promotion

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This is a product development project of OTOP merchandises under the cooperation of the Depart of Export Promotions, by way of selection through a committee and others concern, to help develop products in order to promote their sales internationally. The issue here was this, the craftsmen or operators in the project had knowledge and skills in the crafts and materials, or can that they can create the knowledge and skills required for a craft, but they lacked the knowledge about market demands and industrial production processes, to maintaining product quality.

The height and width of the project for each designer were to take care of 6 brands that have been readily selected, in this case, these were products from the North that were different in both the category of the products and their raw materials. For example, carved marble work, knifesmithing, and swordsmithing, to clothing and apparels made from hemp.

Beginning with fieldwork in the area to learn the processes, the materials and environment that are relevant to the development, and consultancy in creating the designs and finding markets. To, creating the prototype of the developed merchandise for exhibition at “Por Dee Por Dee” expo, which is a part of the department’s project.

Collaboration : Anon Pairot Design Studio

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