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This design job is for a home in the Baan Krang Muang Ramkamhaeng housing development. The owner wanted a home that also functions as a recreational space for friends and family. A Functional Loft was the concept that was agreed on in designing all 3 stories of the house. The ground floor was the central area to accommodate socializing, drinks and dinners, and visiting guests. The second floor was developed into a private relaxation room with a home theatre section, to a card table for close associates. As for the top floor, a high ceiling bedroom with minimal decor to create a space for true rest.

The decor emphasizes the raw quality of the materials mixed together in varying proportions, additionally using wood surfacing to kindle a warm home feeling. Areas that required built-ins, emphasizing the importance of storage space, gives the home a neat and orderly appearance.

Movable furniture was recommended in order to adjust the home’s space according to the resident’s function.

Working on a house that was built with a prefabricated system made removing walls and partitions hard because they are all involved in the weight distribution of the whole structure, thus, this confined the living areas to be fixed to the original floor plans rather than being able to create new spaces by joining them.

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