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Globalmach Corporate Identity

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A newcomer brand in the redistribution business of cutting tools for industrial production that involves machinery. The general description of the business is similar to the middleman, buying to resell, focusing on price competitiveness, and not having adequate service and communication. From over 20 years of experience in the business, the management saw an opportunity to insert the company as a new brand with principles in communications that are up to standards, clear, and creates understanding among the recipients, which in various places are foreign national expats that work at the factories and live near there.

The design work here begins by structuring the brand, market positioning, character, and all relevant communication channels. Beginning with naming the brand to design the logo, applying it to the website and company profile, as well as the stationery and letterheads that involve meeting customers.

At the present, it is developing products as an OEM under the name Tools Source, a sub-brand. Essentially, the design had to communicate swift management and execution, agile operations that stand out from the market, an image and a sound that makes it easy for customers to remember both Thai and foreign nationals.

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