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Pop-up Bar

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A market experiment, and an endeavor to provide Gintonic as a beverage option at various events, it began with the selection of a practical concoction. Not requiring too many ingredients decreases the work and pricing factors. With an easy to drink appeal, the gin itself can be elaborated in many ways. The design of the pop-up store utilized the knockdown system for easy installation and transportation. Later on, it was modified with an additional bar-seat unit, and a shelf to display interchanging products according to different presentation concepts. Additional seatings were referenced from bars in the Khaosarn zone, in other words, just seats for a drink and chat.

The pop-up store modus operandi enabled the operations at various venues as caterers or at events at major cities in the provinces, which entailed something much more interesting, new friends, both sellers, and buyers, that have been met at these various past events.

Collaboration: Wittawat Phonghong

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