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A commercial art piece dedicated as a home decoration, this acrylic piece assembled creates an image of the Buddha. When placed in the light, the shadows will portray a clearer imagery. The concept was to stimulate old beliefs, and the changing world of decoration, to answer to the Modern & Minimalist home. The potential in retailing is for home decor, adapting to the current, departing from the bust of the Buddha or a Realist painting to a contemporary design. A gift purchase that preserves the tradition of giving Buddha statues in important occasions. The subject is a belief in the self, the questioning of the form of something that people worship. It is questioning that sometimes people just pray when they feel upset, the instantaneous quality of it.

The main materials are 3mm acrylic assembling pieces in transparent PVC Packaging with a screening of the concepts on the back, ready patched with a golden leaf emblem to add an interesting artistic factor, and not according to beliefs.

This work was first displayed at BIG-BIH Exhibition Talent Thai 2010 and was selected to be exhibited in Gift Festival TCDC 2011

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