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A resident design project developed for crowdfunding ordering system in collaboration with Alexander Martin, who came up with the idea for this home retailing system. The main criteria here is making a ready-built home and considering its delivery system for installment in the vicinity of Portland, connecting it to plumbing and electricity system, all the way to creating the foundation on the site to prompt residency. The work process begins with finding the container to develop the interior, cutting and installing doors and windows, and start on the built-ins, then decorating it to accommodate a function as a second home or vacation pad with a capacity for 1-3 people.

The design concept was to us high quality materials which will have to go through the material approval process when transported to the area. Building customization concepts to to increase commercial appeal, airflow considerations, to the heating systems or a fireplace.

Difficulties in this project came from funding the prototype. The additional costs from constructing the prototype included leasing property for a construction site, and storage before being shipped to other areas.

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