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Fun sandals that change colors in the SUN!!

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Fun and crazy, these sandals change color in the sun!!
At first, the sandals appear almost white but when you expose them to the sun (the color reacts with UV in sunlight), the fun color shows up revealing funky pattern on the sandals.
The colors change back to white when there is no sunlight.

The wedge heels also help you walk without hurting or tiring your feet.
You can walk the whole day in these sandals.

About the products
The colors we used react with UV in sunlight.
The chemical base ensures the colors will not run or come off when splashed with water.

3 colors available:
Blue, Yellow, Red

4 Sizes:
S (22 - 22.5)
M (23 - 23.5)
L (24 - 24.5)
LL (25 - 25.5)
** The shoes are of wide fit.
We recommend buying your usual size.

This product is animal-friendly: we use high quality canvas and real wooden heels (very lightweight).

Made in Thailand
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