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Sassy madams showing off their styles

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This is the "Madam Monster" series, with their own sassy personalised faces!

The fur goes well with winter fashion, and the face is sewn on at the heels.
The front part is made of suede, making the shoes look delicate, while the zigzag cutting and the fur at the heels shows playfulness in design.

3 colors available:
Becky (Black), Ruby (Red) and Grace (Grey)
Choose your favourite girl to bring home with you (^^)

Front: Suede
Heels: Faux Fur (imported from Japan)

**Our brand emphasises on animal-friendliness
so we won't use any product from animals, including leather and real fur.
Smiler want to make you smile more, whether you are our customers or our animal friends who share this same world.

35-39 (22.5 - 24.5)

*Madam Monster Pumps are of wide fit.
You can buy your usual size.
(I usually wear 24-24.5 but for these shoes, I can wear 24 with ease. They fit perfectly even with stockings.)

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