Universal Design : Vehicle for All Concept

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Universal Design : Vehicle for All Concept

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The new concept of vehicle for all and the holistic services for well-being.

    The project is concieved when i notice the difficult in traveling of those people withrestricted mobility. The number of the people, including the disabled and the elderly, has been rising of many past years. This difficult is due to many factors, most of which relate to the fact that our public transportation and the urban planing are not made to help facilitate those people.

                      Introducing a new vehicle model, serving the targeted group and everyone else, in accordance with the rule of ''Universal Design''. It also contains the information necessary to the user.

Concept Development for The Holistic Service

                      This is the dual developments. The first part is about developing the application to help facilitate transportation for every human. Providing them with needed information. The other is development of electric vehicle. Which is not prevailing in Thailand yet.

Interior Space Touchpoint

                On an experimenting the model. We discovered that another essential function concerns the access and exit of the passenger. We then apply the ''1.5 m circulation system'' to help accomodate wheelchair users.

The PAVILION Roof Line
                   The pavilion-style arc roof allows the vehicle to have a high headroom. This helps the wheelchair user and their assistance get on and off the vehicle more easily.

                   The driver cabin and the passenger cabin are divided, providing much more personal space. But the driver can still enter the passenger cabin in case of emergency. 

The Size Comparision 

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