The Village Coconut Island

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The Village Coconut Island: Rebranding

A 5-min boat ride exclusive resort on Coconut Island, Phuket with peaceful 500-meter stretch private beach, grand villas, and private pools. Prominent strengths of this resort are its location and privacy. To elevate more success on branding and customer experience, Simplisis Design Studio created guests to staff touchpoint diagram that arrays potential opportunities in optimizing customer satisfaction as well as building brand recognition.
A legend of Coconut Island is newly invented from a local tale as brand story with mysterious charm of unconventional way of living and relationship between the first ancestor and a native creature that influence new culture of The Village Coconut Island. Islander livelihood, craft & cultural, casualness, mystery are key ideas that play crucially in design elements.

07/2016 - Present
What we do: Brand Analysis, CI Design,Product Design, Publication Design, People Design

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