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Lotus lamp

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Our Lotus model of the Ember wood lampshade series creates a subtle bulb form from tessellating patterns and measures 10 inches in diameter. Simple slot and tab assembly means the item can be shipped flat to protect from damage and only take a moment to put to use. The pieces have been designed to hold themselves together as you attach the next piece for frustration-free assembly. Item is packaged in a gloss white press formed box as an excellent gift box or retail ready packaging.

The Lotus model is unique in that it allows you to mix different wood species for a striking patterned effect. You can choose a solid maple or cherry lampshade or a mixed maple and cherry or a mixed maple and walnut. While either can serve most purposes, the whiter light of the maple shade lends itself to tasks more readily and the very warm reddish light of the cherry easily makes potent mood lighting.

This lampshade will also work on table or floor lamps with a 1.5" shaft (but not on harp style fixtures).

For Pendant Use: as a cord is such a personal choice they are sold separately.

You may find a cloth covered cord set without a switch here:

& a plain white cord set with a switch here:

More expensive cloth covered cord sets can be found at the Color Cord Company in a variety of colors as well as ceiling adapter kits if you intend to have your lampshade hard wired (as well as at home improvement stores).

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