The cube of Eden

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As the client is an enthusiast for cars, an exterior architecture of 6 parking spaces outside the house is required. The living room shall be situated over-looking the garden and be located within close proximity to the waterfall, so the residents can enjoy the sound of water. There will be 4 bedrooms, of which one will be used as the mother’s bedroom and be placed on the ground floor near the courtyard to provide a closeness to nature. The home needs to be airy, but not uncomfortable. Despite the limited amount of land, there is still considerable excess space that will need to be filled out due to specific requests for a floor plan that emphasises privacy and seclusion.

Project Detail

This project is designed using concept the exterior design comes inside which combines interior space, architecture and landscape together as one, giving each aspect continuous flow through the others. This design provides a induction of sight and feeling starting from the front of the house and going all the way through to the garden. Going through the hallway, one will find the continuity of the space from the in-side to the outside, from the first floor to the second floor, starting at the stair-case that brings a reflection of light and shade through random patterns, including the glow of the skylight, illuminated with a teak wall bringing down an interesting dimension. Past the stairs there will be a patio for the mother to have continuous space to the central courtyard. The top wall of the facade is a two-layered Aluminium panel perforated in the shape of circles when viewed in different angles, generating a moving imagine. This creates a point of interest when walking in the house before entering the living room and dining area, both connected by large sliding doors made of stained glass. The two bedrooms in front of the building on the second floor are to be used for grandchildren and guests coming over to spend the night. But seeing as the front of the house is located next to an alley, a large balcony has been added as a buffer zone in the roof top garden in order to block internal space from external noise. The design also includes a bridge connecting the two balconies. This can be seen from the parking lot below, illustrating a creative way to exploit excess space. When walking inwards through the main hall, the semi out-door living area can be seen underneath with its wall engraving reflected by light and shadow, projecting a picturesque set of photos that seems to be moving. Further inwards is the master bedroom, with a neat location close to the central garden, with a ceiling height of 4.5 m to provide an aura of space.

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