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“PHYA” launches limited edition collection “NAPAT” for “The Chaipattana Foundation”

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The people of Thailand are familiar with sights of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX out and about on over 4,000 royal projects throughout years and years of the reign with surpassing dedication and generosity for the loyal subjects of His Royal Highness and nation.

PHYA PHILOSOPHY LIMITED, designer and retailer of Thai leather goods “PHYA” by Founder and Creative Director Jirayong Anumanrajadhon, works with the concept and inspiration to make bags that serve the common interests. The bags that show the world the value of Thai aesthetic intricately made by professionals who look up to HM King Rama IX’s devotion as inspiration and guidance for the dedicated development of the bags named “Napat”.

The name ‘NAPAT’ (ณพัฒน์) –originates from its homophone ‘NAPAT’ (นภัทร) which means blessed with knowledge and ‘PAT’ (พัฒน์) from ‘PATTANA’ (พัฒนา) which means develop as well as from the name The Chaipattana Foundation. The inspiration behind the designing of “Napat” bags is the nation’s continuous development by His Late Majesty. With such generosity, novel developments led by HM Rama IX’s royal projects took place across all directions in all aspects and elements from earth to air, fire, water and energy mirroring onto the design with frame pointing out in four directions signifying the evenly distributed developments.

Jirayong Anumanrajadhon as Designer and Creative Director at PHYA, designing house of “Napat” bags reveals, “As a Thai, my desire is to create art that connect with what I do which resulted in the bag “Napat". The collection is made with the intention to help raise fund for The Chaipattana Foundation, as a humble merit in memory of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s grace and legacy.”

Lotus Blossom (ดอกบัวบุณฑริก), symbol of dedication mentioned in His Majesty’s literary work –The Story of Mahajanaka and a part of the royally designed emblem of The Chaipattana Foundation, is quilted with the tailor made metal infused thread from Germanyonto the limited edition bags. Oversaw by Jarupatcha Achavasmit, Textile Expert and Founder of Ausara Surface who is currently teaching at Faculty of Architecture, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang and acting as Product Design Advisor at PatPat Shop Project by The Chaipattana Foundation, the outer layer is hand weaved using carbon fiber interlacing tin and brassthreads which give the bags their particular shine that is exceptionally unsusceptible to dullness.

The structure is made with authentic 93% silver while the golden edition is coated in 99.99% pure gold weighted 2 baht using Thai traditional technique. In order to avoid the surface when put down, the base is designed with legs in all 4 corners similar to the base of Chaipattana water aerator accompanied by an oval shape in the rectangular frame as a reflection of courteous yet strong determination comparing to His Majesty’s practice.

The latches are crafted with the bags’ individual code 1-99 while the handles are nielloware with intricate details allover. The 10 uniquely designed patterns,perfectly reflecting the signature beauty of Thai aesthetics, appointed throughout the 99 unitare applied using the ancient technique from Nakhon Si Thammarat. The handles can be hidden inside the bag for the added function; clutch or handbag.

“Napat” bags are limited editions of 99 with 10 bags exclusively produced in gold coded 9, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 70, 79, 89 and 99 apart from the 89 bags in silver. All revenue will be contributed to “The Chaipattana Foundation” in His Majesty’s royal projects to develop the nation’s quality of lives in all regions. For more information, please visit or call 02-656-1365.

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