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Eastern Dawn - rise and meet the sun. Clothes that capture you, and fire imagination. A sense of possibility, of a new dawn, yet also a feeling of coming home. It is a touch of the East to take on your journey. Hand crafted, we pour our love and passion through our hands into the clothes we make.

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Parissara - where the art of textile enters your everyday life

Parissara is a Thai label that's proud of its roots - using traditional, hand-woven fabric to create an aesthetic inspired by our natural surroundings. We use only ethically sourced, hand-woven natural Thai fabric. We believe in the best for you. Parissara believes in the value and importance of Thai fabric and craftsmanship. We use traditional hand-woven textile that fits seamlessly into the modern fashion world, while keeping a sense of rural wisdom and knowledge.

                                                                Our aim
                                                                to promote handcrafted designs, help support local producers,
                                                                and share the beauty of this material in sustainable way.

                                                                Our promise
                                                                our care for both producers and customers,
                                                                each of us contributing towards an enduring legacy.

The hand-woven fabric we use embodies traditional Thai qualities through its texture and pattern. Inspiration from the nature that surrounds us is reflected by the variety and composition of color and design. Parissara is a brand that allows you to be true to yourself, stay original, and keep close to home. For every time, every place, every style, we provide elegance and comfort. Our future goal is to build and foster relationships with local textile communities, help preserve craftsmanship and cultural heritage, and share our ethos of sustainable development and production. A mutually beneficial network, with a shared vision - taking care of our home.

Our name - Parissara
- is like our soul;
an international label with an unmistakably Thai heart.


FB/IG: parissaraofficial

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