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NKDW Created the seemingly infinite, gold, stainless tubes that run endlessly throughout Bangkok-based renowned hair salon, Chalachol.

This salon, designed by Nattapon Klinsuwan of NKDW, is defined by the gold, stainless stripe tubes that run across the whole space.

Chalachol hair salon has almost twenty branches throughout Thailand, but for the owner-based location, Klinsuwan was tasked with creating a unique atmosphere representing the industry leader.

The designer has recognized the infinity symbol that is forever famously represented in Asian culture. He merges the never ending loop concept with the most symbolic concept of hair salons, hairline, by using gold, stainless tubes.

The golden tubes run across the space from floor to built-in furniture to wall to the top, hung from the ceiling. In some areas, for instance, the shampoo and the owner-cutting zone, the tubes go down from the top part to the floor creating screens that make semi-private spaces.

Klinsuwan created the space occupied by the infinite golden loop because he wanted people come to the salon and wonder: Where does the loop start and end?

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