The Urbano - VDO (3D Animation)

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The Urbano (3D Animation)

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The Urbano-Clubhouse, Public building and multipurpose space, can hold wide variety of activities and multipurpose use, included in the area are library, fitness, head office, sale office and space for art exhibitions. Impressed by Pimai Castle, a well-known Khmer temple in Korat that is best known for its superior use of sandstone, its shape & form, light & shadow arrangement through multiple chapels, its outline shape of Parabola when in silhouette can refer to the sense of gradually growing up. All of these elements together as an input, highlighted with gigantic curvilinear of the entrance hall of the clubhouse, a quality transitional space was created between the building itself and the open view at the other end of the building which served as an amphitheater that include an ellipse stage at the center. I do feel that these newly interpret language of design, twisting the old with the new can proudly represent the next generation of Thai-International meaning.

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