Come Rain, Come Shine

About Project

The pottery art set belong to my thesis name `Relation of Life`.

Project Detail

Stoneware Clay, Wheel Throwing, Hand forming and Carving,
High Fired Temperature Glazes


This pottery art set started from my interested in the shade of the old big tree.
Whose is the meaning to the life whom stay beneath. And whom stay belong.
When the sun is shine, the shadow appears. Those long branches and the thousand
leaves became one of each other. That’s how my project begins.

I poured two differences of glazes. One has a little bit speckle likes crystals
but matt more than another and smooth in the earth tone. For another one which
run likes the rainfall’s flowing down. It mixed by two colors of high fired temperature
glazes but effect more than that. If you see it closer, you’ll see further.






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