Lead UX/UI Designer

Full Time | Bangkok | 15 July 2017

Job Detail

We are looking for an experienced web UX/UI Designer who will be responsible for the design of WorkVenture's website to create and maintain smooth and easy user navigation experience, and to analyse users interaction and conversion.

Our Website: https://www.workventure.com/en/company/workventure-jobnisit/overview

  • You will be responsible and take ownership of the UX and UI of the website (involves architecture, and naturally interface).
  • Design all features from a functional point of view to achieve maximum clarity and aesthetic heights.
  • Make changes/adjustments to current website pages and navigation to achieve above results.
  • Prepare graphical mock-ups for developers to follow.
  • Assist developers during production process.
  • Aside from the work of a functional tester, all implemented designs/functions have to be checked on all devices, and corrections requests delivered to developers.
  • Work includes browsing and researching other websites around the world in search for the best UX solutions that could be applied to WorkVenture website and forming proposals to the CIO.
  • The position also includes finding how the current users perceive particular website features/functions/designs and measures users’ website behaviour to evaluate how website functions are utilized by the users.
  • Important to note: it is not just about the design or look only. We are primarily focused about the navigation, the user total experience, his/her understanding of website features, where to go, what to do, application process, and algorithms.
  • Must have a Bachelor's and/or a Master's Degree in a design related field.
  • Should have at least 3 years of experience.
  • Must have an interest in problem solving and a keen visual awareness.
  • Previous experience working on large scale projects is key.
  • Previous cross-functional communication skills with an IT team is preferred.
  • Excellent design and spatial skills to gauge the usability of the website or application.
  • Possessing an education or work experience abroad is welcome.
  • The ability to relate well to other professionals and work in a specialist team is essential.
  • Must have a portfolio of work that includes examples of finished successful projects, and sketching, and wire framing.

Flexible working hours
5 days working from 9:00am-6:00pm

Contact: 083 554 9795 or John@workventure.com


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