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I am interested in ordinary stories that have something special hidden beneath their surface, this arouses my curiosity and imagination. Imagining the possibilities seems more fun to me than knowing the whole truth behind these stories.Growing up in the vibrant culture of Thailand, everyday life is full of rituals. Religions and superstitions merge together inseparably. These ancient beliefs developed over time and co-exist with modern lifestyles, creating colorful contrasts. Everyday rituals seem ordinary yet hidden within them exists a flash of the extraordinary.I want to express these contrasts of visible and invisible, outside and inside, co-existence of old and new. Translucent acrylic, a material which can be seen through but still obscures is used to present my ideas. Industrial process of laser cutting contrasted with hand painting presents a mixture of different styles, using varieties of vivid colors and complex structures inspired by Thai street culture.My aim is to create jewellery and decorative objects that have these hidden values which can be discovered and enjoyed.

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