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Original Artwork by Elderly Thai Artists

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The word JAI means heart in Thai - JAI Scarves are born from a story of paint and handmade artwork. Artwork created by individuals who are not necessarily famous or recognized for the beauty of what they have produced, but who truly love what they do - JAI.

My father is someone who loves to paint. He graduated with a degree in art - to this day, he is still my favorite watercolor painter. However, he did not follow the path of an artist. The journey to become a professional artist is hard, not everyone has the chance to be well-known or well-paid.

Instead, my father served as a community developer for many decades. He recently retired and for the past year has had time for himself.

Every day for this past year when I went home, I saw him with a paint brush in his hand, creating every day. The first emotion that I recognized was his happiness; he was back to doing what made him feel fulfilled. Every time I got off work, he showed me what he made. I paid attention, told him how beautiful his work was, and saw an uncontrollable childish grin come to his face time and time again.

I came to realize that recognition might be the most important thing to any artist, especially those 60 years and over. A chance to feel pride and accomplishment for self-driven initiative.

This sparked an idea - certainly, more people would like to see his art. Certainly, they would see value in his skilled hands and thoughtful eyes.

This is how JAI has come into existence. Two generations working together, young and old, to create something special and timeless.

I have found a way to take his paintings and print them onto delicate fabric. Uniquely designed to support the passion of the original pieces and concepts painted by my father.

In the future, I would like to invite more retired artists who still love what they do to join the project. I know there are many out there whose work would be appreciated by the world.

JAI's mission is to gain exposure for elderly Thai artists, adding value to their lives, and adding value to yours.

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