"Blossom of Joy"

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IVIEW Modeling is a reputed modeling agency based in Bangkok, Thailand, established in 2006. Being in the business for 14 years, we have attained top class professionalism today. We work seamlessly to groom and source acclaimed models, gorgeous presenters, seasoned actors, actresses, artists, celebrities to meet the demands of the booming advertisement, event marketing and diverse other entertainment industries.

Our Modeling is very thankful and indebted to everyone involved in carrying out our projects and events successfully. Had it not been your team work, effort, support and cooperation, the IVIEW Modeling would have never achieved anything single handedly. Hence, we are not only grateful to every individual, such as our clients, models, staffs, we are inspired tremendously to keep executing our works with even more vigor and professionalism.​
If you need models or further enquiries please contact
Tel: +66(99) 293-6241 
E-mail: iviewmodeling@gmail.com
Website: http://iviewmodeling.com

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