Makeup Artist`s Diary: The Story Of Wanderlusts

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Makeup Artist's Diary: The Story Of Wanderlusts

Photography: Justin Subadya

Words: Ice Kridhakorn

Editing: Lia Amper

I still remember her heart-shaped lips that I was applying butter balm on, it happened in Manila last year. Today I did the same thing on same lips, used the same balm but this happened in different place.

A night in Makati, Manila - I was going to Elite studio to meet a photographer, we will go to Quezon city- district at northern Manila to shoot at midnight. At Elite I met a girl.

She was sitting across me and we finally made eye contact, we abruptly knew we are not local. She introduced herself, “I’m Marcella”. Our conversation was cut short because I had to go to the shoot. I could remember her telling me like “I just have been in Manila for few days”

Next day at the office, I was taking makeup brushes out of my bag, waiting for them to shoot the model this evening. Marcella came here.

“I met you yesterday!” I said first and started doing her makeup. Marcella is the model for today’s shoot. Now, the time was long enough to continue our conversation from yesterday.

“Smells good!” she said referring to the butter balm on her lips. After that, I finished this look with rosy lipstick. Marcella and I lived at the same condominium, so we got back together and continued the conversation at the back of the car.

“Where are you from Marcella?”

“I’m from Netherlands.” 

“Which country will you be working next?”

“Next is Singapore and probably Bangkok later.”

After that, I often met her at the lobby when I come back from the office and she got back from shooting/casting. I left the beautiful island before my model friend did.

Time flies fast. I had a lot of clients in Bangkok who needed me to do their makeup but I still look forward to spilt time doing what I love the most- produce a photoshoot with friends!

L.A. born, Thai-Chinese photographer Justin Subadya is now in town, his short message to his makeup artist who also happens to be his friend after not meeting for so long “Ice, let’s shoot!” It made me recall that heart-shaped lips.

I checked Instagram to see my model friend's location - Marcella pinned Bangkok is her current town.

Nothing complicated happened after that. Me and my muse were together again with my favorite photographer friend. Marcella, Justin and I updated our life/travel/relationships with each other in the previous half year.

Like everyone does when long lost friends come to your hometown, It’s a must to meet up. Do something together- hangout, travel, have a dinner but these kids chose to do their passion - collaboration!

“Smells good!” I heard the same words from the same person again. 



Photographed by Justin Subadya

Makeup by Ice Kridhakorn

Modeled by Marcella Van Leen

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