`Brightness - The Shining Black Spotlight` Music Video

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'Brightness - The Shining Black Spotlight'

How long it had been since human existed and still exists with the hands of those enjoyment that lure us to use our optical and auditory nerves attentively. The act blurs the line between today and yesterday and even day and night. It prevents us from our acknowledgement of the past, the future, the warmth of sunlight and the cold of whatever dwells in the outer surrounding. 

This very moment might be the last moment before everything demises. It's the extinction of thought and those terrific ideas from numerous creators from the older era. The last group of people who represents hope uses music and all the remaining power to perform a song which contains no affirmative sentence. The sound is then liberated from the imprisonment of consumerism. 

Those flashing pictures from the light had been producing the shadows to entertain us since the past time. In the present, they are strengthened by various technological and psychological methods in order to fascinate us even more and make us surrender. Rapidly and flashingly, all following the movement of light and the rhythm of sound. The darkness are torn into pieces by the light. In the end, the light which once created hope for the older generation reveals itself to us and destroy itself in a blink of an eye. Everything is yet nothing but illusion. 


'Brightness - The Shining Black Spotlight'

Music Record Label : Final Kids


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