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combination of yoga and housework to reflect a body movement in yoga way.

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A society nowadays pays more attention to people’s health and wellness. Medical treatment and health science have integrated to people’s daily life including Thailand. Exercising has been used to keep people healthy. There are so many kinds of exercises that people could do with or without instruments. And of course, different type of exercise would provide different results. However, if you are looking for an exercise that does not need any instruments, focus on your consciousness, and you can do at anytime and anywhere,Yoga is an answer.   

Each day our bodies get tired and exhausted from working, doing a routine task, and overuse our bodies such as over workout. Practicing yoga in a quiet room would reduce stress and gain a relaxation. It is very easy to start practicing a yoga because all you need to know is yoga is one type of light exercise. However, if you spend more time practicing yoga, you will realize that yoga helps you to balance your mind and your body. It is one type of meditation that helps you to concentrate on yourself, your mind, and keep developing yourself. Yoga also helps your movement, your breath, and gain your consciousness. Yoga practicing is similar to a way of life that you need to keep learning and practicing. If you are able to integrate a yoga to every single step of your movement, you will be able to practice yoga at all time. A household work is one good example that you have to do every day. Yoga can definitely be combined to every single step of your movement when you are working on a daily housework. For this reason, I would like to present my work under a concept “Yoga and Housework”. It is a set of photos that shows a combination of yoga and housework to reflect a body movement in yoga way.  

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