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Mobile Application Call Zen สำหรับพัฒนาระบบ Call Center

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Call Zen is a next generation customer service platform that utilizing smartphone capability to solve consumer pains from traditional customer service solutions.

Most contact centers implemented Interactive Voice Response system ( IVR ) . While the former IVR is useful on categorizing customer to right group people of answering phone call with minor self-services, it causes customer's dissatisfaction from its complicate and irrelevant menus.

Call Zen's engine can put those menus in the mobile application form where you can browse or search from a smartphone. Once user chose their preferred menu , we will add number extensions into normal phone call. This will help users skipping listening part of IVR and lead it to preferred destination directly.   It usually reduces around 50%-75% of process time from traditional IVR solution with higher rate of contacting right people at the right time. This is the fundamental features we currently introduced in market and get very positive feedbacks.

Our solution is also more flexible in terms of maintenance call center menus ( incl promotion offers ). There is no longer need to have staff for voice recording to maintain IVR menus. We also provide more direct menus with more functions instead of base on voice only ;  Image , VDO , and website as alternative for user to select.  Moreover, we also support chat solutions for “mobile to agent”. We enhanced feedback function in chat where it provides more insight of customer experiences than normal chat application. Additionally, we also completed a prototype solution of booking queue to an agent via mobile data package instead of using traditional phone call when they are occupied. This can provide a better customer experiences and differentiations from traditional service users. 

Our main business model is providing SaaS for any organizations whom interest to improve customer services with customers via subscription. Nevertheless, differentiations is our main value proposition to our main target customers whom are medium size enterprises whom are seeking to differentiate themselves from market leaders. Therefore, we have created “Call Zen” app which contain more than 200 call center database in Thailand. We offer “skipping IVR’ function as a freemium. But, when organization subscribes our solution we will make their part in “Call Zen” application looks different from others with guaranteed of 100% correct information. Chat and messaging are offered as top-up service once they subscribed which will make them more differentiate from non-subscribers.  Alternatively, we also offer integration of our “Call Zen” menu within their application in case they want to rely on marketing their application as well.

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