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Boonmee Lab worked on the UX for the new website.

Project Detail

What's exciting in new look


TCDC Connect is the website for projects and portfolios. Individual artists or corporates can upload their own projects and others can explore the latest updates from the artists. This project was to redesign the user experience of the TCDC Connect website.

As the old version lacked good user experience that can make people wanting to come back and engage more, it was inevitable that we stepped in and brought the better website experience for both artists who want to upload portfolios and viewers who want to just check out good projects. 

The Changes We Made

Consistency in Grouping Information

The problem of old website was its unorganizedness. It contained much information that was same as the new website, but not in order or in hierarchy. User can easily be confused where they are or where to get the specific information because of inconsist display of each information.

We saw the needs to group sections consistently for every category. A project, an event, and an article all have three main areas that needed to be displayed: main panel for detailed explanation, author's information panel, and related projects panel. 


Register for a website can be a frustrating and painful process that can turn people down even before they experience the whole website that is ready for them. Moreover, it is one of the first things people encounter in your website. It is such a sad thing if a long steps of registration make them close the window. We think it should be as easy as just a click, even if they decide to register with an email instead of Facebook account.


Add Project

Adding a project is probably one of the most important features for users. It should be easy, intuitive, and fun. And easy-to-review, as well, before clicking the 'submit' button.

Only 2 steps to complete each project



Project View

Why do people come to TCDC Connect website?

What is the thing they are most likely to be interested in?

These are the objects we focused on. As a portfolio website, it should have a very nice and convenient way of viewing each project and artist information. The medium portraited here in the website is mostly photographs of owner's works, which means we should be able to provide a website where people can view multiple photos easily at a glance.

The old website required users at least four clicks from the main page to view a detailed photo of a work, in carousel 

style. It is long enough to make people forget what they were trying to view. In the new TCDC Connect website, project photos are displayed vertically. On the right side there are artist information ready for audience to see along with the project.



Debut Wall

TCDC CONNECT, Boonmee Lab and TNT work closely to deliver this new site with the new feature called "Debut Wall". It is the activity that TCDC CONNECT will pick interesting works and designers monthly, to showcase on the Debut Wall near the entrance of TCDC Resource Center, 5th floor of Emporium, and online on this website.


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