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An experimental thesis focus on the unique beauty of melted glass technique presented through 3 different theme of jewelry

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1st Collection : Elvira

Elvira is inspired by a playful of circus. It's appearance, I intend to match a circus style with a Modern life. When you looking at this collection,it will express you a feeling of happiness, cheerful, playful and optimistic.

2nd Collection : Linearis

Linearis is inspired by natural leaf. A shape of simple leaf come to an elegant form. It has a lot of develop sketch before the final. Natural leafs are a bit different from my ceramic pieces. However, it's show out with white, glod and a beautiful unique color glass.

3rd Collection : Cinderia

Cinderia is inspried by a Jellyfish in the deep blue ocean. Once I watched a TV programme about the marine animals and they show us about the life of Jellyfish. They have a beautiful form, curve and color. The jewelry in this set will make you thinking of a free movement of jellyfish and the mystery of the deep sea.

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