Grand St. insert camera bag

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Grand St. insert camera bag

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Grand St nsert camera bag is a great fit for Rangefinder/Mirrorless, 2 lenses, a flash and other accessories

Truek Trong insert bag was inspired by founder rough experience throughout their careers. In 2013, they were photographing for many Indy movies in Manhattan mostly for Ticsh/ SVA students. It was one of those unlucky shooting days, the camera got stolen along with their favorite lens and gears. Of all the equipment, nothing else went missing except that bag; the thief knew exactly what was valuable. After that tragedy the founders were busy trying to convert regular bag to hold his photography gears. After years of trial and error, Treuk Trong first gen Insert bags were born. The bags got their names from the streets where the gears were stolen; Grand St. and a larger version Lorimer St.
These bags allow you to convert any regular bag to your new favorite gear bag.

Dimension: Length 210mm/ Depth 140mm/High 210mm

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