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In every year, Thailand has plenty of waste plastic water bottle more than 4,000 million and most of them end up in landfill and ocean. Less than 20% sent to recycle. Most of Thai people have lack of knowledge about how important of recycling plastic and other waste. ARTWORK brand want to deliver message about sustainable thinking and environmental awareness through design by changing waste plastic bottles back to life and how people can help save the world by choosing product design from recycle waste.

Fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world and they have to take responsibility for this. Sustainable Fashion Future can make the big impact to our world. Innovative recycling material that help reduce waste and save more energy is on trend. People nowadays, have more concern on environment by choosing eco-friendly product. ARTWORK design to make recycle plastic water bottles back to life. The bag that can deliver concern message on climate change and million tons of waste plastic problem that kill life on land and ocean.

Waste plastic bottle is one of the biggest environmental problem . How good it would be, if we could reduce waste plastic bottle and transform them into fashion bag inspired from beautiful nature. Eco-creative + innovative is brand's objective, ARTWORK bag is made from 100% recycle PET bottles which can back to recycle again. The benefits of recycled polyester : saves natural resources, saves energy in production process, lower greenhouse gas emissions & use of chemicals. I want to build awareness on how to help save our environment by using information tag with logo that have fact about waste plastic bottle problem. Now i'm vegan so i want to change people's minds to stop buying genuine leather because it's cruelty and go for eco-friendly material.

My brand really concern on environment so i choose material that can recyclable again and eco- friendly. Felt that recycle from water plastic bottles can back to recycle again. And no use of genuine leather, because the genuine leather made from livestock that is major environment problem, that's why i choose microfiber leather instead of genuine leather. Also tanning process with chemical pollute water resource. Even the material for information tag is tyvek paper that is also can recycle again. Pattern and color, inspired from beautiful nature. Add craft detail like embroidery by printing process that not pollute water, to make the bag look emboss with embroidery pattern. With adjustable strap, the bag can function as tote bag or handbag and can design how to tie it.

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