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AGENCY : Apostrophy's The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd (Event/Stage Design + Water system/Lighting Design) and AV Group (AV project(Organizer) & AV system Co.,Ltd) were work together from Pitching to final event date. 

               More than 4 month. REDioactive Songkran Festival at Kad Suan Kaew Chiangmai is nonalgohol event. In a concept "Adventure in a glass".We choose a water resist material, which is transparent like a glass call "PARE­YANG" or a life buoy ,on a top of stage for protect from sunlight and for a light pass through a red PARE­YANG. So, all visible in red. PARE­YANG is used to decorate like "a bunker" in VIP zone, DJ zone, OB zone. It's like a base for the celebrities seperate from people. About 500 Lom Bor Sarng(Local Umbrella) bring to covering all area for protect people from the sunlight in a very hot summer. Otherwise,We bring a local culture for this project. After a festival all umbrella are distribute to a pub,resturant and Shop with sponsored by JohnnieWalker Red Label. A water system is hide on a roof network to squirt people below. It can control a value for a squirt pattern

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