[Interior] Khun Da`s Shop, The snack fish souvenir shop



Project : Khun Da's Shop, The snack fish souvenir shop
Interior Architect : Phachara Lertphadungtham
Location : Mahachai, Samutsakorn, Thailand
Client : Ampoon Aurjongmanee
Area : 255 sq.m.
Year : 2014



Khun Da's Shop is the souvenir shop served for tourist or dealer to take home or order the stock of fish snack. Therefore, it's like the window shop of owner's company for those activities and it's the first step to push Mahachai forward to be a tourist attraction.

Designed with two main spaces, shown with the different of materials, align for function and face to main entrance. Client desire clean and comfort feeling overall, so this shop have not much of materials but used for accent with function by floor or wall materials.




The diagonol line from this space that make more interesting from rectangle plan is related from direction of approaching in front of site and take a sight view through inside.

Combined diagram with their functions ; display area, relaxing area, souvenir, preperation area with service zone and meeting area with meeting room.


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