Meemaetu is traditional Korat Noodle Brand. The brand has strong motivation in making alternatively modern traditional Korat noodle with original recipe within, yet the brand should be for everyone.

Craftphic realizes that for a brand to be easily noticeable, we have to bring trendiness and cheerfulness together. This can represent new perception of traditional Korat noodle. Our mission is to make customer feel that Meemaetu is easily approachable but full of quality of Korat noodle. We created a new logo and new packaging for branding 
and brand identity. A new copywriting was created for Meemaetu. Craftphic performs a production of marketing photography and retouch thus print ads.

Services : Branding, Brand Identity, Packaging, Photography, Retouch, Copy, Print Ads







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Meemaetu is traditional Korat Noodle Brand.

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