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About Me
Our inspiration coming from both heart of classical look and nature of modern product design. We start to pitch an idea simply with pencils and paper. There is where we meet concept development and boosting the durability aspect of our products while we are designing. When our inspiration begins then our principals must be fulfilled. When I feel to remember the seamless and structural organs in the nature like a leaf that its structure hold it up and How layers of coconut fits together to support the core, our journey gets started and it is what you can feel in the DNA of crafted coco, a coconut with the charismatic smell of leather that is not made for monkeys. ​The founder and designer of crafted coco® leather goods was born in 14, February 1984. He has been involved with design and particularly with tendency of minimal product design since 2002. Graduated from Australian design collage. Saruda Umpho, Marketing Director of Crafted coco Said: “To me dealing with marketing and representing a true portrait of craftsmanship in an artistic frame in such level of quality goods was so easy, Like a piece of cake. just because the design was so honest and simplicity of shapes, hues and ergonomic scale and proportion of each product talked itself and conveys the succeeded costumer satisfaction. With this approach we are so thrilled and honored to share all of these experiences right here in Bangkok.”

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