Colour Project : Materials & colours exploration

Colour project opens my sense and got me back to colours, materials, observing things around. Painting on silk and see how the colour bleeds in together is quite a therapy in some way. 

So my inspiration for this project are the photographs I took from my first solo trip to Finland. I was travelling in Helsinki on my own and was stunned by the beautiful nature of the city. My analogue camera and film photographs are really good tools to produce my own visual inspiration. The fact that the shutter is not working properly makes the photographs unique and has strange colours with unpredictable errors. I used them as a start of my experiment, got my colour palette which ended up translated via a lot of different mediums.



So the theme is finally about errors, magical phenomenon in nature (and science). I went to Natural History Museum for more inspiration for the project and got lost in the Minerals room. Bought some Agate stones back as objects of inspiration. I love the transparency and layers of colours in the elevation. 
First ones are the faux precious stones that are made of modelling clay, with palette is from nail lacquers. I sculpted the clay with the traces of hands and then painted them with nail lacquers. Also, the painted fake nails have been put in represented artefacts that were hidden. The outcomes look more like a cookie with M&M inside. I also painted some small wood panels with these palette. 

Modeling clay, fake nails, nail lacquer, threads 


The third one I look at strange colours in nature like these pale, pinkish pastel birds (not sure what bird it is.) And started to explore natural fibers. I collected feathers and hairs to dye as well. 


Colour matter doesn't always have to come in solid form.

The last material I experimented with was the liquid stacking , which is the most fun because it’s just unpredictable at all. I used dishwashing liquid, sunflower oil, rubbing alchohol, corn syrup, water, and mix some of them with food colour to create colourful liquids. At one point you might expect the high density liquid to be beneath the other ones and light ones above everything else, but sometimes you might just got it all wrong. I really enjoy making these liquid in the jars and turn them upside down. As the time goes by the liquid just all mixed together. Unfortunately had not filmed them , but I might do it again later. 

I particularly enjoy the processes more than the result in Colour project. Maybe that’s the main point of doing it. I found the patterns on my backing paper from dyeing all these feathers and hair much more interesting than the work. I even used these patterns to expose the screens later in technical project.
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