Into the wall, passed by the window

Into the wall, passed by the window
Illustration for "Color Palette" Paper Swatch by Antalis (Thailand) Limited


The view from the outsider into the wall through the windows for observation by space and person lifestyle. Different scenery into the window frames reveal more personality about people behind the wall, some scenes harmonize or contrast.
This paper swatch named "Color Palette" is full of stylish and charming color papers
with 3 collections, 3 personalities which have Keaykolour, SKIN and Curious Matter.
So, windows are like the bridge which introduce and show details of papers
in different collections.


Cafe Window illustrates the public space that people come here to meet and exchange experience.
The gathering of different people and lifestyle are like the wonderful ingredient of 3 color paper collections.


Into the artist studio window can show the senses of Keaykolour paper because of classic and natural paper style but full of imagination.

The colorful paper compared with the beautiful of nature diversity. Selected the plant house window walls for shown the truly beautiful of natural color.

Curious Matter:
Stylish, curious and elegant are the sense of Curious Matter paper collection. This collection has an impressive texture like the concrete wall and can link to an urban lifestyle which illustrates by condominium windows.

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Illustration for `Color Palette` Paper Swatch by c

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